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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's December 18th and you're in a panic for last minute gift items. Don't worry, the elves at Good Cheer have some ideas for you.

1 - Gardener Pack

If someone is a gardener, get them ready for the upcoming growing season with the new Baker Creek Seed Catalog (find at Barnes & Noble) and 1 or 2 seed starter trays (find at Home Depot or Lowes or local gardening shop). You can always add to this pack with additional gardening things. Let them order their own seeds. You can pick up some accoutrements like new gardening gloves or a new trowel or something. If they are interested in composting you can opt for a worm bin or compost-friendly bags. If they grow a ton of tomatoes, try looking for a tomato press (google "gardener's supply" which carries the presses). If they like mushrooms, you can also add a mushroom grow kit.

2 - New to Film Photography

This could be for artists or anyone looking at getting into 35mm photography. Do they want a point-and-shoot or a manual 35mm camera? This style isn't digital. It uses actual film. Point-and-shoot utilizes autofocus and is done with the push of a button. Manual 35mm cameras utilizes different lenses, manual adjustments, and a little more control for photos. Both of these take 35mm film. Camera + 2 rolls of film, great gift. Film comes in regular (check the ISO for compatability) and specialty. You should be able to find a quick to ship place online line at Cute Camera or Retrospeckt or even Amazon.

3 - Hiking and Foraging

For the person who hikes frequently, wants to get out more, or who wants to start, look for this combination: local hiking trails guide or map, local foraging book, a foraging bag (PNW Bushcraft or Barebones or elsewhere), and a new water bottle for hiking. Foraging bags are a little stiff and are either belt mounted or are shoulder slung. This is an activity gift that they can do by themselves or with others. They should be able to connect with others in their area if they have questions with hiking and/or foraging.

4 - Cook Something New

We all know that person who loves to cook. You should have an idea of what they like to cook. Find something that they are not super familiar with. If they mainly focus on Italian food, perhaps try French or Chinese or something more exotic like Egyptian or Argentinian. This idea requires: a visually wonderful cookbook, 3-5 odd spices or items from the cookbook (non-perishable), and a wine or beer to pair with the food (totally aim for regional). This will provide the person with a cooking style to explore, some spices ready to be used, and a beverage to pair with their food.

5 - Fitness Starter Pack

If you know someone who is looking at joining a gym or starting a new fitness class (aerobics, spinning, etc), you can show your support with a few cool gym items. Here are our best suggestions: gym bag with gym shoe storage space, a camp towel (for showering at the gym), a gift card or punch card for their preferred gym of choice, and/or new gym shoes. The gym bag and camp towel are pretty easy finds. Camp towels are great for the gym because they are lightweight and tend to not be bulky. It is always preferred to have separate gym shoes that are changed into at the gym, not worn to the gym. Outdoor shoes track in dirt, rocks, water, snow, salt, grit, and all sorts of other stuff that can actually end up being dangerous on gym equipment. The last thing you want to do is slip while using a weight machine or something because you're wearing outdoor shoes. If you opt for a pair of shoes, make sure they are suited for what the person wants to do. Running shoes, lifting shoes, powerlifting shoes, crossfit shoes...they're all different.

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