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Christmas Elves

What Exactly are Christmas Elves?

Christmas elves are depicted as small humanoids (up to 3-feet tall) with pointy ears, sometimes have beards, who often wear pointed hats and are often in red and green clothing. They are workers who help create toys, Christmas presents, help with the household chores, help around farms, perform work of craftsmen and artisans (brewers, cobblers, builders, bakers, weavers, etc), and are typically very friendly with animals. In some places, they may also be referred to as gnomes, nisse, tomte, brownies, dobby, or hob. While generally they are good natured, they can be tricksters. They are not human-size elves, goblins, dwarves, or trolls.

There are a number of things that these elves are said to enjoy eating. Here is the list of popular food items: porridge with butter, gingerbread cookies, cakes, sugarplums, game meats, nuts, and fresh baked bread. They are also depicted with ties to foraged foods (mushrooms, berries, tree syrups, etc), orchards, and garden harvest season. What we might deduce from this is that they enjoy what we might consider “hearty comfort food” and “country food”.

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