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Last Minute Gift Giving

Sometimes you find yourself with that "hard to decipher" family member being last on your Christmas list. The following are 8 gift packages to consider. The best thing is that you can customize things by color or style to make it more personalized.

The "Artist Who Needs To Get Out" Package

Encourage that artist to get out a little with a travel watercolor or drawing set, a packable camp chair or ground seating pad/blanket, mosquito head net, travel espresso or tea maker, a book on local trails (check Falcon Guide books), and a book on National Park art. This is a project-based gift.

The "Workaholic Who Doesn't Seem To Have Hobbies" Package

I have a father who fits this category BIG TIME. The biggest problem is that if he wants something, he tends to just buy it. Help out the workaholic with something that might make their day just a little easier. A temperature controlled smart mug, a Qi charger for their mobile, smart things like smart plugs or Amazon Echo, a new pen for work, and perhaps some new tech - TV speaker or new e-reader or something along those lines.

I am staying away from spa items here because not everyone likes that stuff. If I had to choose 3 spa-type items, I'd opt for a personal sauna tent, a nice mud mask (not those face sheet things), and a high-end lotion.

The "You Like To BBQ, Right?" Package

Up their BBQ game with a smart meat thermometer, a couple pounds of specialty meat (keep frozen until giving gift), and one or two rubs specifically for the meat you get. There are some great places online to order specialty meats and fish/seafood. Try for something they can't just buy at the grocery store.

The "Kid Who Just Moved Out" Package

Encourage that kid young adult to eat healthy with a countertop grow system like an aerogarden; give them an easy way to prepare food with a crockpot or an instant pot; make sure they have a good all-purpose cookbook. If they already have a crockpot or instant pot, you can always get them a really nice blanket or a set of bath towels. It doesn't sound exciting, but it's something that will be super useful.

The Lonely Person Package

This is going to involve some participation on your part. Figure out something that this person would like to go out to like a 6-class pottery class or a comedy show or a day at the spa, etc. Get two tickets and plan on doing this thing with them - that's key. Also, books and nice sweater or flannel is usually a big win with this crowd.

The "I Barely Know You" Plant Package

If you know that the person like gardening or plants, this is for you. Find a super unique planter. You can order some equally unique plant seeds and a small seed starter kit. Another option, if you're looking for more of a host gift, is a wintergreen (also known as teaberry or boxberry) plant. They are super fragrant, the berries are edible, and the leaves can be used to make tea.

The "I Barely Know You" Hipster Package

We know the stereotype and you can use that to your advantage. Here is a list, pick 2 or 3 things and that's the present.

  • Book on Stoicism or other philosophy

  • Book on history of particular type of food/drink

  • Book on brewing or distilling

  • Book on traveling or Atlas Obscura or local trails

  • Gourmet food item(s)

  • Specialty coffee or tea

  • Specialty 35mm film (for photographers only)

  • Bottle of wine, mid-range

  • Beard care kit

  • Gift card for vinyl records or comic books

  • Activist t-shirt or patch or pin (feminist, pride, recycling, smokey the bear, etc)

  • Wool socks

  • A "take action" item: composter, can squasher, solar powered phone charger, etc

  • A nice tote/bag/backpack that fits their style

  • Journal

The "Foodie Who Seems To Have Everything" Package

Pick a region that your foodie friend isn't too familiar with and get some things based on that region. It can even be local, if you so choose. Here are a few unique regions that might be interesting to your foodie friend: Argentina, Morocco, Romania, Mongolia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Look for a nice cookbook with lots of visual appeal, unusual spices that might be needed for one or two dishes, a regional wine, and perhaps some gourmet food item from that region.

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