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The Art of Giving Year-Round

One thing that Christmas elves excel at is gift giving all year long. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion or a holiday. Sometimes the surprise of giving a random gift at a random time is simply nice on both ends, giving and receiving. Perhaps it is terribly cold outside and you are at the grocery store; you could pick up a tenderloin for your parents or that friend who is super busy with work while juggling a few kids, etc. It’s not a big thing and doesn’t require gift wrapping, but it just makes life a little easier. Another scenario is late-summer/early-fall when people start harvesting their gardens. If you have a little extra, you can always gift someone (typically without a garden) with some fresh vegetables.

To begin the practice of year-round gift giving, you must allow yourself to say yes to the act itself and to not expect anything in return. We do it to build up our personal credit on Santa’s Nice List, though some refer to it as “building good karma” or “random acts of kindness”. There is a certain satisfaction in giving random gifts throughout the year.

For those not used to gift-giving at random intervals, but want to start, here are some tips: be more aware of those around you, don’t give people things simple to “make room” in a closet or drawer, the recipient should not be expecting it, and don’t schedule your gift giving. If you attempt to give at least once a month, let it come at random times. If you feel good and joyful after you give the gift, you are doing it correctly.

There is always some humbug out there who has no idea what to give. The following is a list of examples, but it should really be based on what strikes you at the time regarding a certain person(s). A good example of a bad gift: bringing a coffee hater a 16oz vanilla latte, when you should have brought them a 16oz hot chocolate with whipped cream. This is where awareness comes into play.

  • A cup of coffee

  • Garden vegetables

  • 1lb of fresh picked berries

  • A jar of cleaned and dehydrated fresh picked mushrooms

  • Fresh meat, like a salmon, halibut steaks, a grouse, deer meat, or other fish/game

  • A new plant

  • A scarf you knitted

  • That item they couldn’t find at the grocery store

  • Plowing a driveway or mowing a lawn

Timing can also be a gift-giving factor. A great time for a little gift is during times of stress (like a cup of coffee), while the recipient is too busy (like mowing a lawn), or when you have a sudden abundance (like gifting garden vegetables).

What has been your go-to gift to give? Do you have a favorite gift that you gave to someone? Tell me about it in the comments!

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