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What Is Christmas ElfCore?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Christmas Elfcore is an insinuation of Christmas and the fantasy world of Elves (specifically Christmas Elves) in daily life. It's an off-shoot of the more generalized Elfcore style. Those participating in Christmas Elfcore are generally well-natured, helpful, and try to maintain a positive attitude.

The idea behind Christmas Elfcore is "the daily life of a Christmas Elf". Most try to avoid being overtly obvious and avoid tacky prints (which are worn more for Ugly Sweater parties). They might mostly dress like you and me, but Christmas Elfcore definitely incorporates:

  • Elf Ears

  • Chunky Sweaters

  • Pixie Beanies, Elf Hats (extra long pointed knit hat)

  • Sequins, Glitter, and Metallics

  • Candy Cane Stripes

  • Pairing of Red, Green, and/or White

  • Hussar Military Jackets

  • Fair Isle Sweaters

  • Thigh High Socks and Leg Warmers

  • Nature-Inspired Items

  • Tartan and Plaid

  • Embroidered Peasant Shirts

  • Bows

  • Winter Fabrics (Knits, Velvet, Fleece, Flannel, Fur, Leather)

  • Toy and Candy Inspiration

  • Beards, Braids, Buns

  • Scarves (any time of year)

  • Historical clothing associated with Christmas

Here's some visual inspiration:

What do you think of Christmas Elfcore? If you have a picture of yourself in Christmas Elfcore, please feel free to post in the comments and include where you're from.

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